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The film is a touching love story with a mixture of Eva's present life and haunting memories of her past. After breaking up with Brandon because he felt he was an unkind person, he only put sex first and thought he was using her to achieve that, Eva found a new love for herself. It's Danny. Danny is a gentle, kind and caring guy. His current job is a professional designer but due to some unexpected incidents, he was fired. Facing the risk of these difficulties, he could only turn to a rich close friend for support in the hope of being able to help him and his girlfriend get through this time and ironically, his close friend That was Brandon - Eva's ex-lover. During the time she was staying at Brandon's house and waiting for Danny to find a new job, the memories that she considered disgusting but also very profound began to come back to haunt her many times, that was the time that Brandon gave her. She came into her life, taught her how to make love, made her happy and also helped her become more mature when she discovered many problems about his fidelity. Although Brandon is a promiscuous man who likes to have sex with many women, Eva is different. She gives him a strangely warm and close feeling - which is also the reason why when After breaking up, Brandon still lingers and wants her to come back to him. It is true that time cannot be turned back, even though many times she was weak and heartbroken by his sweet regrets, but because her current life has changed, she has a love, a love. My new life is very happy with Danny, so I tried to let go of the past and bad memories that often haunted me during my time here and could only forgive the mistakes Brandon had made. just out. The Seduction of Eva is a movie in the Romantic, Adult genre but is highly rated, 8.6 IMDb points, the 2013 movie can be said to be on par with many other famous movies. With Remy LaCroix's very successful performance, she won the AVN award for best actress in 2014 (AVN adult equivalent to the Oscar of movies). The film of studio New Sensations was translated by Thiendia translation team TSV. *Information about the main actress: Remy LaCroix was born on June 26, 1988 in San Francisco, California. She has a height of 1m57 and her 3 measurements are: 86 61 89 *Translator, encoder, upload, poster: thieulamht *Movie source: Thiendia.com

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 Actor: Remy LaCroix 
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